Smog Awards 2023: Voting Round

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All the nominations have been tallied up, so let's move to the second and final round of this year's Smog awards!

Click the boxes before the names of the users you want to vote for, and when you're done, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. As a reminder, you can vote for multiple candidates per category.

Thanks for bearing with us, as always let us know if there are any issues with the form, and feel free to use this thread as a discussion thread; voting closes in about a week, on Feb 24th, noon EST / 6:00 PM CET.

Congrats to all the nominees, and may the best one win!

—Smogon's Flying Press Staff
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Björn thanks you all, his heartfelt and dedicated supporters, for delivering this nomination. During as tumultuous times as these, he recognizes most of all the importance of unity. He is grateful that his campaign has reached the hearts of all Smogoners, regardless of their personal backgrounds. Whether you are a CAP veteran, a Smogoff lurker, or even a UUbers player, and indeed everything in between, Björn knows that he is the only candidate able to represent You, no matter who you are. For too long, the two-party system pitting the Cats and Dogs against one another has led to divisive partisan environments unconducive to real, tangible progress, leaving behind the average, everyday Smogoner just looking for someone who is above all that noise. With Björn, we can put an end to the chaos, and carve a new path forward for Smogon.

Moreover, Björn wishes to extend his gratitude to all of his on-the-ground volunteers, working around the clock in all areas of Smogon to ensure that his campaign for the nomination could reach as many ears as possible, among users with strong loyalties to both of the dominant pet parties. From our unlikely start, this has been and remains a fully grass-roots campaign, and Björn cannot understate: he would not be here were it not for all of you, and the work you have done to make this possible. Thank you all - with just one more week to go, Björn is certain that we have what it takes to reach the finish line - so get out there and #votebjörn2024!


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I had the honor of interviewing one of our candidates for Pet of the Year, Dudley.


Dudley didn’t enter this race because he wanted fame and glory—rather to change the game and remind everyone that Rex is a fraud that couldn’t survive the physical defenses of the 80s. You telling me Rex could get a layup against the Bad Boy Pistons? Please.

Dudley brings charisma that no other candidate can match. When I asked him what policies he’d enact upon winning office, he told me securing the equal rights of ALL pets was integral to his tenure. No more would we live in a society where dogs are given all the fame. No more would we live under the tyranny of !randrex. A vote for Dudley is a vote for progress.


Dudley is a good boy. See here? Look at how peacefully he slept on me. I came into this environment scared and alone, and here Dudley was to make me his human when I had no pet to in my trying times… what a gracious soul.


Dudley leaves you all with but a simple message: meow. Perhaps we’ve found the next great orator of our generation…

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let me just say to the person who runs this thing, Lumari that i would like to nominate devin in this category even if its late, everyone just needs to know this.

the mans a good player, good manager, and a good friend. He is super friendly towards new players and just wants the best for everyone. However the best in this case, is to go to the gym in every case possible.

(click img for og thread) trying to stop beef between niko and savouras over iron head rolls

(click img for og thread) trying to criticize quite quiet for calling JustFranco a twat instead of enforcing the rules


my god it even bleeds into scheduling..

and THATS just on smogon, if you know devin, you know he hasn't been active on smogon since 2022.... However thats not the case in discord...






Okay okay, those are from servers with only his friends, so bringing up what you are doing randomly is normal. Surely he doesn't do this on team tour servers too right???? RIGHT??





So yea. I don't know everyone on that list but i do know 3d and bb skarm , and if THEY made it, devin "The Indian" itadori should 100% make it.

You are feeling down? Go to the gym
You feel unhealthy? Go to the gym
You need a scout vs Charmflash in SM for SPL? Go to the gym
You need a team for OLT Swiss? Ok load this scarf landorus-therian offense that cant beat zapdos, then go to the gym to feel better about the loss


(ok some of them are excusable but still, this man talks about gym more than ash ketchum talks about wanting to be the champion. Hes still the goat tho)

heres 2 bonus:



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Wow, I’m surprised anyone remembered an article released in January of last year for this. I’m glad people seem to like the cinderace article. Seeing the SV raid machine take form and organize properly for the first time was a fun ride. Thank you to all who gave it a read and for letting me know you found it enjoyable.


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I didn't even realise my article got nommed at first - probably should have - but if you google something along the lines of 'why did pokemon's art/art style change', it actually comes up as a featured snippet! I've already said this like 10 times elsewhere but it's super cool lol
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